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IPS e.max®

The leading name in high-translucency ceramics, IPS e.max® offers lifelike esthetics suitable for restorations in the cosmetic zone. With average flexural strengths of 360 MPa, it’s roughly four times as durable as feldspathic porcelain.


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Conventional porcelain fused to a CAD/CAM designed alloy coping for maximum precision and a reliable fit. Its conservative preparation preserves more natural enamel due to the strength of the coping.


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The most durable all-ceramic option with average flexural strengths of 1,100 MPa, monolithic zirconia is gentler on opposing enamel than conventional porcelain, making it an optimal solution for posterior restorations, even for bruxing patients.


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Conventional porcelain bonded to a CAD/CAM zirconia coping for esthetics that surpass those of traditional PFM. Zirconia copings eliminate potential oxidation and grey spots at the margin with the natural opalescence of feldspathic porcelain for optimal esthetics.


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For clinicians who prefer the biocompatibility and tried-and-true reliability of full-cast crowns, Cost Plus can fabricate high quality restorations for the best prices available anywhere. Call Cost Plus to inquire about the alloy materials we have to offer your patients.


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Unlike more traditional ridged, bulky and unstable dental materials, Valplast flexible partials are made from a very pliable plastic material which fits neatly into your mouth and is virtually invisible.


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Cast partial dentures utilize secure cast metal clips that slide over your existing teeth to easily and securely fill gaps. Created from cobalt with chrome, each denture is unique and impervious to cracks.


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Our complete dentures are custom fit to your patient’s gum line to provide a seamless, comfortable fit after teeth removal. This denture blends naturally to your gum tissue and easily restores a complete tooth arch in your mouth. *Premium teeth extra – call for a quote


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Denture with Overbar

Implant bar overdentures combine the stability of an implant with the look of a denture, seating directly onto the gum line implant using as few as four screws. This hybrid implant option gives a patient a lifelike strength and firmness.


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Screw-retained crowns are the ideal solution to mitigate the risk associated with

peri-implantitis because of the absence of cement under the gingival tissue since the crown is cemented at the laboratory. In addition, the screw retained crown affords the clinician a streamlined retrievability for cleaning or adjustments. Screw-retained crowns can be constructed from your choice of materials, including Full Contour Zirconia, IPS e.max®, or base PFM

*High Noble available for additional cost


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Make case planning simple with packages from All American. Every package includes a PFM or full-contour zirconia crown, abutment screw and titanium custom abutment compatible with more than 80 platforms from all major manufacturers.


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All American is a wholesale provider of dental laboratory services. Specializing in all ceramic and traditional restorations, we utilize a state of the art CAD/CAM workflow to maximize efficiency and pass the savings on to you. We never sacrifice quality to deliver value pricing. We guarantee you’ll love the restorations we craft for you, or we’ll remake them at no cost.